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St. Louis Ballooning Adventures

Who Can Fly

Who can fly?


St. Louis ballooning adventures has may dreams come true for people

ages 7-100.


We do not recommend children under the age of 8. 

Why? Children under the age of 8 usually are not tall enough to see out the basket, they are usually not physically strong enough to hold their own when landing, the noise of the burner can be an issue and in most cases they get bored after about 15 minutes and want down. 


The reason ballooning is very safe and there are very few accidents and injuries related to a balloon flight is because we take precautions and some of the precautions taken involve the elderly.


We do not have a maximum age limit however we do have physical limits. You must be able to stand for a period of at least 1 hour and you must be able to get into and out of the basket without assistance. A typical balloon landing for example is like standing on a picnic table and jumping off. This is the impact your body and joint will encounter when landing. Some balloon landings you won't feel anything in very light winds and others you could feel more in greater winds. Every passenger must be physically able to hold on and bend their knees while landing without the assistance of others. 


Can I fly if I'm pregnant? 

Absolutely NOT, we will not take anyone at all that is pregnant, no exceptions, even if your 2 days pregnant we will not fly you. 


But my doctor says I can fly.

Your doctor is not the certified pilot and probably has never been in a balloon. Let your doctor make the decisions on delivering your baby and let us make the decisions about your safe flight. In the event you become pregnant after purchasing a ride we will be happy to schedule or reschedule or flight for a date after your baby is born.


Safety is our number one priority and we will not compromise this for any reason.  

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