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Hot Air Balloon Flying

The oldest form of flight is the hot air balloon. Over 100 years prior to the Wright brothers first airplane flight was the hot air balloon and now you to can experience a hot air balloon ride. Imagine soaring above the earth in a hot air balloon at tree top height or as high as 5,000 feet above the earth.


Floating above the the towns and subdivisions looking down on the houses, pools and lakes and listening to kids laughing and people waving making everyone below you jealous wishing they were where you are. Flying over the countryside watching the horses and cows grazing and deer running through the fields and spotting the occasional hawk or eagle. Complete silence except for the occasional sound of the burners, floating with the wind with absolutely no feel of motion or movement.


Finally setting back down to earth in a field, school yard or subdivision and commemorating your flight with a first flight certificate and a champagne or grape juice toast to Mother Nature and the inventors of the hot air balloon, the Montgolfier brothers.

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